Interior Cleaner

A concentrated blue coloured, medium duty, water-based shampoo that is high foaming and citrus scented.

Key Features:

• blue liquid..

• Concentrated.

• Citrus-scented.

• Contains fortified surfactants & water-soluble solvents.

• Moderate foaming.

Direction of Use:-

• Shake container well before using

• Thoroughly clean the area by vacuum that is to be treated.

• Pre-soak any heavy stains with spot remover.

• Test a small area of fabric to checking colour fastness.

• Apply solution to the fabric, being careful not to saturate.

• Vigorously scrub the surfaces with a Jopasu fabric sponge, using crisscross motion.

• Towel Dry and then thoroughly vacuum clean the surface.

Packing Available: 1liter, 5liters, 10 liters ,55 liters.