This kit contains following items:

1. Fine Cut Rubbing (1-step)

2. Scratch Guard (2-step)

3. Gold class Wax (3-step)

4. Tyre and Bumper Polish


1 Fine Cut Rubbing (1-step).

A mildly abrasive, muddy lotion ideal for removing light to medium scratches and oxidation from all painted surfaces. Gives deep rich shine and gives perfect surface preparation before applying scratch guard. Very cost effective since little product is needed.


How to Use:

• Start with the roof, and proceed to the hood, trunk and sides.

• Apply a small amount of product directly on the painted surface. Clean pad regularly with pad spur.

• Use to protect the restored finish by step 1 then followed by gold class wax for Protection.

• Product can be hand applied with a wax applicator pad.

• Be sure painted surfaces are cool to the touch before applying product.


2. Scratch Guard (2-step).

A mildly aggressive, extremely durable, polymer fortified which has white glaze that safely removes light scratches, oxidation and swirl marks from all painted surfaces. It buffs easily& generates a deep, long-lasting gloss leaving an extremely smooth surface. Contains polymer and can be used as finished product.


How to Use:

• Start with high speed buffer or orbit sender car polisher to roof and proceed to the hood, trunk and sides.

• Apply a small amount of product directly on the painted surface.

• While the product is wet, buff a 2' x 2' area with a polishing pad. Keep the pad flat on the painted surface and buff until product dries, applying light even pressure.

• Clean pad regularly with pad spur.


3.Gold class Wax (3-step)

A P.T.F.E. fortified paint sealant containing artificial gloss enhancers and antistatic polymer which protects the vehicle's finish from sun, salt, grease, tar, acid rain and industrial fallout, while sealing in a deep and durable shine.


How to Use: With Orbital Buffer:

• Shake container before and during use.

• Apply product to the buffer's moistened polishing bonnet.

• Apply product evenly over painted surface with buffer, and allow it to dry to haze.

• Remove residue with a clean, dry bonnet.


4. Tyre and Bumper Polish.

A extremely durable, ready to use, solvent-based, green coloured dressing having rose scent, contains aminosiloxane which gives high gloss, and protects vinyl & rubber from cracking, fading and discoloration that enables washing for few times.


How to use:

• Moisten a clean applicator pad and wipe on vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.

• Allow to dry, or wipe dry with a clean cloth.