Tyre Polish

Tyre Dressing Your car paint, glass & wheels can be perfectly detailed, but if your tires are not dressed properly, you effort will be disappointing. Now use new generation formulated "Tyre Dressing" for stunning, perfectly showroom final finish.

Special Features

• Polymer based formula prevents colour detoration & cracks

• Special Glossers for stunning satin black Showroom finish

• Easy applicatin, no special skill required

• Special conditioners for protection against harmful UV rddiations

• Very cost effective Applications

• Tires, Mattings & all rubber parts

Direction for Applications:-

Do not mix anything into the product Clean & wash the surface with water Let it Dry.

Now apply polish on the surface & let it dry for new look.

Apply second coat for satin finish.

Packing Available: 1liter, 5liters, 10 liters ,55 liters.